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Automated Invoice Processing - Managed Service Process Overview

Louis Greak of transformAI discusses the automation of invoice processing and the service offered by transformAI. In this...

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It’s Software.. Surely IT Must Own It. NOT!

I have shared this story on stage a few times, but not in writing. It is the tale of one way not to do Robotic Process...

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Why Do More than Half of Automation Programs Stall? Lack of Design Authority
Intelligent automation is transformational. It is not a fad or just a project. Enough people know enough now to say that can...

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Task Automation and Intelligent Automation: Getting the Semantics Right

Back in 2015, when I started the standards work for the IEEE, the leading consensus-building organization that nurtures,...

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The Icing on the (Cupcake) How Robotic Process Automation Connects Your Enterprise Applications

Recently I was asked to talk to a large management consulting company and its enterprise clients about automation,...

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3 Ways to Keep Your Automation Pilot from Near-Certain Failure

For organizations looking to build a digital workforce, the automation pilot or proof of concept (POC) is often a "make or...

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Automation Anywhere Achieves 100,000 Bot Store Downloads

Leader in RPA launches new features for developers to create recurring revenue streams in Bot Store

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RPA – Taking your Bots to lunch

I know, the image of Bots working in the office with you is a little terrifying. But like the internet, and the smart phone,...

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